Registering for a drone

1. Drone  registered with a unique identification number or UIN 2.  An address proof, a permit from the police and the department of telecom.  3.  A civil or defence Air Navigation Service (ANS) provider 4. P ermission from the property or landowner 5. A security clearance from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security of India 6.  Drone owners need to have insurance with the liability that they might incur for any damage. Name Weight Permition Micro Less 2 Kg No Mini Between 2kg-20kg yes small Between 20kg-150kg yes Large More than 150kg yes 1 GOVERNMENT OF INDIA OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR GENERAL OF CIVIL AVIATION TECHNICAL CENTRE, OPP. SAFDARJUNG AIRPORT, NEW DELHI CIVIL AVIATION REQUIREMENTS SECTION 3 – Air Transport SERIES 'X ', PART I ISSUE I, DATED DD MMMM 2017 EFFECTIVE: FORTHWITH  F. No. 05-13/2014-AED Vol.VI Subject: Requi

Flying Drones in India, New Rules, Unique Identification No & Info You need to know!


DGCA Draft-Drone rules and regulations in India 2018 [Get DRONE Pilot License]

So in this video, We are going to explain all about DGCA Draft-Drone rules and regulations in India 2018 and also we will tell you how you can get drone pilot license from DGCA and can become a professional pilot Dgca Guidelines & Pilot License Part A - Dgca Guidelines & Pilot License Part B - .